Make space for creativity!

Let Martijn van Kesteren give you and your team a boost in your creativity. Get away from the day-to-day busyness at the office, build stronger marketing plans and stronger teams in the Creative Space in Elst (30 minutes by car from Utrecht). Or have him creatively facilitate your strategic session online.

Creativity is a basic requirement for every marketer. Especially in today’s world, we need flexibility to adapt to change fast. Our creative brain can be trained — just like any other muscle in our body — but just like going to the gym, this needs to be done on a regular basis. 

Therefore, I have created a series of Marketing Workouts: creative workshops to provide (marketing) teams with new tools and to have them look at their business from a fresh perspective. No “once-off” event, but on a regular basis. With the content of my book “How to become a Marketing Superhero” as starting point, I deliver marketers a solid dose of inspiration and practical, creative tools to take with them in their daily work.   

What others said about Marketing Workouts:

“Instructive, inspiring! Also feels a bit like a teambuilding event. Never boring, many different topics so you stay focused. I’m already looking forward to the follow-up session.”

“Extremely useful! Many different exercises and types of information. There were really some eye-openers for me today. Thanks for your inspiration!” 

“Very successful, informative and interactive day. Both in terms of theory combined with practical examples. Well put together programme.”

Since physical get-togethers are off-limits at the moment, I have gained experience in online facilitation via webcam. In essence the difference between facilitation an online and offline workshop is not that big. The video conferencing program I use offers the option of also working in small(er) break-out sessions. I design a tailor made program for your session, helping to resolve the business issue or find new opportunities. Each session is unique, just like the people attending.  

Here are some reactions from participants after their first online brainstorm session with me:

“Now you can do an effective strategic or creative session online! Marketing Superhero Martijn raises the bar for virtual creative productivity. Great formula, with guaranteed actionable outcomes!” 

“Martijn takes on his role as online facilitator with passion and fun, which comes across the screen vividly. His enthusiasm during the whole session is very contagious. Love it!” 

Is your team up for a creative challenge – either online of offline? Are you in search of an inspirational team away-day with tangible follow-up? Do you want to look at your business question in a new, creative way? Contact me!  

Curious to know how I can support you and your team? Call: +31626448485 or email to 

Best energies, Martijn van Kesteren